Check Out These Teeth Straightening Options

Many adults like me remember the dreaded day when they were told they were going to have to get braces. Your worst nightmares came true as you imagined yourself trying to navigate the already difficult social landscape of junior high with a mouth full of metal. These days there are many alternatives to traditional metal braces when it comes to teeth straightening, so we’re going to explore those a bit in this article.

The first option most people think of when trying to avoid metal braces are “invisible” braces like Invisalign. This solution is great in minor cases where you just need to correct a bit of crowding and other minor misalignments. One good thing about this type of correction is that, unlike other type of braces, you don’t really have any food restrictions because there are no braces for the food to get caught in. You do have to remember to remove them when you eat though, and you have to use them very consistently for them to actually work.

Another option for minor corrections are lingual braces. These are usually metal braces, like those you’re used to seeing, but they are placed on the back of the teeth. These will be go entirely unnoticed by others, but they do carry the same dietary restrictions as regular braces.

One option for supposed invisible teeth straightening that I would avoid are clear braces. These braces aren’t really invisible at all, but since they aren’t metal, which easily would identify them as braces, they just look weird on your teeth. You might as well just get metal braces so at least people know what’s going on with your teeth.

Finally, if you’re really looking for to get teeth straightening without braces at all, you can try surgery. This isn’t generally a desirable option for many reasons, and is usually used to extreme cases.

There you have it, some alternatives to traditional braces for your teeth straightening needs. I’m sure there are many people my age out there who with these options were out there when they got the dreaded news that they were going to need braces.

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