Move Over Cupcakes, Cake Pops Are The Cool New Baking Treat

For a while there, cupcakes were quite popular. They still are. It’s because they’re easy to make, and fun to decorate. In that same vane, cake pops are becoming quite popular in their own right. They are also small, and easy to make and fun to decorate.┬áThere are a million different ways to make cake pops, but the easiest way is to use a cake pop maker. Even amongst these gadgets, there are different ones, so let’s break those down.

There are cake pops makers made of silicone that allow you to bake round balls of cake. They function very similarly to a cup cake pan. The main difference is that there’s actually a piece you put on the top too, so that the cake pops bake into a ball shape.

You could also make traditional cake pops by mixing cake pieces and frosting. There are various gadgets to help you make these better. First there are small scoops you can use to form the balls if you don’t want to do it by hand. There is also the Easy Roller which can roll 12 or more cake pops at a time but the price is very steep at over two hundred dollars.

If you want to really get a good cake pop maker, then they make machines that can make perfect cake pops every time. One of the best options is the Bella cake pop maker. It easily makes cake pops by just adding the batter, and they come out great. The machine itself is also very cute, and makes an interesting display piece on your counter. You’re not going to want to stuff this cake pop machine in your cabinets when you’re not using it.

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