Bali Getaway: 5 Places To Visit On This Awesome Island

Indonesians love to boast about their ever popular Bali Island, a small island in Indonesia that gets thousands of visitors ever year. Bali is really an ideal destination for tourists in Indonesia. The local people in that island can communicate well in English. Aside from that, there are numerous cheap hotels Bali available considering that the demand for accommodation is very high. You will not have a hard time settling in Bali especially if it is your first time in this island. Once you have settled in, you should head to the following places:

  • Denpasar – This is the capital city of Bali. If you are a fan of beautiful architecture, you will enjoy Denpasar. This is because there are numerous temples which could be found in that city. One of the most popular is Pura Jaganatha. Remember to bring your camera since you will definitely enjoy the prehistoric artworks and sculptures in Denpasar. The best time to stop by this city is between June and July. During that time, the famous Indonesian festival known as Werdi Budaya is being celebrated.
  • Bali Barat National Park – A trip to Bali will not be complete without checking out the native leopards in that country. Yes, Bali has its leopards. You might also want to check out the barking deer in the island. Bali really has a rich wildlife that is being preserved by the local people.
  • Ubud – This is a region that could be found in the mountains of Bali. Ubud is a well-preserved place that features the ancient culture of Bali. You will definitely enjoy this place where traditional villages could be found. In fact, it is also in Ubud where you will see the rare Sumatran elephants. You should not definitely miss this awesome place.
  • Kuta – Kuta is one of the most popular surfing sites in Bali. This beach is a favorite destination for surfers. Since the currents are too strong, the beach is not ideal for swimming. It is also in Kuta where you will be able to watch Balinese dancers and musicians.
  • Mas – If you want to purchase Balinese souvenirs, you should stop by Mas. This place specializes in wooden crafts. Wood carving is the dominant skill of the local people in Mas. Oral tradition dictates that the skill has been given to the people by the gods. You will definitely be tempted to purchase a lot of awesome wooden crafts in Mas.

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