Garmin Release the First GPS Watch Designed For Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Garmin Fenix is a new GPS watch that has been developed in cooperation with professional mountaineers.  If you like serious outdoor life – and have quite a bit of spare cash (it retails at just under four hundred US Dollars) – then you might be tempted by the Garmin GPS watch as it can enhance many different outdoor experiences and adventures.

The new Garmin Fenix provides information on direction, altitude and barometric pressure, and is the first real hands free device from Garmin, which means that you have your hands free to navigate through the most demanding of terrain – while being constantly updated with information about position, altitude and weather conditions. With a classic round watch design with high-strength housing and a scratch-resistant display, the Fenix GPS watch is built to withstand the toughest outdoor challenges whilst at the same time can still be used as a fashionable digital watch for all occasions.

Plan Your Routes and Activities with the Garmin Fenix

You can also plan routes and save waypoints, and it is possible to share routes and experiences via the free to download Garmin BaseCamp software for PC. Another useful feature is the Track Back feature which can guide hikers safely home using a good visible trace line on the screen that is easy to follow.

As with many other Garmin devices you can also monitor your own performance. The impressive Auto Lap function and data for key parameters such as distance, vertical speed and pace, lets ambitious alpine enthusiasts keep track of their progress during their outdoor training or other fitness activities. The Garmin Fenix is also compatible with the wide range of Garmin heart rate monitors to measure heart rate data or even with a cadence sensor for measuring distance, speed and cadence of the journey. All data fields in the display can be tailored directly to the wrist.

An Outdoor Watch Designed for Climbers

Garmin say that when developing the new Fenix watch they worked very closely with professional climbers from all over Europe in order to make sure that the watch set a new standard in the alpine world. The new GPS watch manages to pull together Garmin’s leading and trusted outdoor technology into a robust GPS wristwatch.

The Garmin Fenix watch lets you hike, climb or walk in a hands free mode whilst still giving the wearer access to very accurate information on altitude, position and weather conditions.  This new gadget really could change the outdoors experience for all adventurers. It’s the first time that adventurers now have instant access to the most important information needed to navigate safely to their destination and back again.

More Information on Garmin Fenix

The new Garmin Fenix will be on sale later this month.  More information is available on an independent review website which has been put together by some fans of the new watch.  Read up on for all the latest information.

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