Zombies, Safety, and You

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Zombies have taken to popular media like vampires to teenage girl’s romance novels. It seems like you can’t throw a stone without hitting some kind of zombie related media these days, whether it be a video game, movie, comic book, or even a television show. When it comes to pop culture, zombies have certainly risen from the dead.

Feeding off of our most basic and primal fears zombies are truly terrifying. Zombies are monsters that are generally slow moving creatures, but are relentless in their attack; unstoppable unless killed in a specific manner, and even worse they are, in a manner, us. A truly horrifying prospect.

But what would happen in a real life zombie disaster? Likely most people would become quick zombie fodder, not a pleasant end, and one obviously to be avoided. So what can you do to prevent that? Based on my extensive research (E.G. watching zombie movies, reading zombie comics, and playing games), I think that there are a few things every person could do to persevere in a real life zombie apocalypse.

Preparing for the Inevitable

Preparation is always the first step in avoiding disasters, regardless of what the cause may be. While in the case of a standard emergency storable items such as food, potable water, communication devices and other survival necessities are a must, preparing for a zombie apocalypse requires much more than the typical 72 hour kit. In the case of a zombie uprising one must be familiar with all of the following:

  • Weapons and ammo storage and training
  • Regular exercise and physical endurance training
  • Rudimentary outdoor survival skills
  • Psychological balance (fighting zombies is a much a mental workout as a physical one)
  • Communication skills (for working with other survivors)
  • Basic vehicle mechanics and maintenance

While this list may seem overwhelming, I assure these are all necessary for survival in the post-apocalyptic world you will one day be living in. While some of these areas, such as outdoor survival skills, communications, and psychological balance, are certainly essential, they have been covered by others far better and in more detail than I could hope to manage here. For now I will cover a few basics of each of the other sections.

Safety with Weapons and Ammo

While preparing for the zombie apocalypse training and practice with firearms and other weapons is essential. Heading to a local gun store you should be able to find the lightweight weapon of your choice with the help of an expert. Just remember don’t get carried away. Bigger is not always better, and when you’re outrunning a zombie infestation remember that every ounce makes a difference. While storing your weapons between regular training and practice make sure you keep your current situation safe as well. Get yourself a gun safe, or other locking device, and make sure your weapons are secure at all times.

Safety is always a key when handling weapons, no matter what sort of weapon they may be. Do some research, find out what will fit your needs best. The best gun safes will only be able to be opened quickly in the event of a sudden emergency, but will also keep you safe from yourself and others. To reiterate, safety first, there’s no need for getting hurt before the zombies come along, decreasing your odds of survival.

Regular Exercise and Physical Endurance Training

Regular exercise and endurance training is actually more essential than weapons training and safety. As easy as it would be to think that you can just mow down every “walker” that comes your way, eventually ammo, food, and water will run out, leaving with you with a tough choice to make: abandon your safety zone and try and outrun the mobs of flesh eating monsters, or stick it out and hope that help will come. A terrifying thought. However, if you are in moderately good shape temporarily outrunning the surrounding menace shouldn’t be much of a problem. Heading down to the local gym, or setting up home exercise equipment and regularly using them will make this choice easy, and potentially save lives when the going gets tough.

Work out a little every day, find a trainer to help you find the appropriate exercises and stretches, and work on endurance training first. Outrunning a zombie will be much more useful than trying to throw one out of the way, or punch one into submission. Just like weapons training and the best gun safes, regular exercise will help you keep you safe from yourself. You don’t want to hurt yourself before the zombies do. Getting into a healthy regiment of exercise will not only help prevent injuries while avoiding the zombie plague coming after you, but in the meantime will help you feel better as well, a win-win situation.

Basic Vehicle Maintenance

Last but not least basic vehicle maintenance is a necessity. You don’t need to be a mechanic during the apocalypse, but knowing how to change the oil, spark plugs and battery will all help you survive the end of times. While vehicles should be used as a last resort to escape bad situations, or while searching for other survivors, they’re still a vital part of survival. Know how to maintain your vehicle, and make sure the vehicle you plan on using is in good condition at all times. Just like hitting the gym, working with physical trainers, and knowing basic weapons safety and training, a well maintained vehicle certainly won’t hurt you in the now, and will certainly help during the apocalypse.

In the end basic emergency preparedness will benefit you, zombies or not. But when it comes to survival, it’s always better safe than sorry. So the next time you think that guy down the street hitting the gym and practicing his aim is a nut, remember the next moan from a zombie you hear could be your last.

-Ryan Huff

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