Three Design Ideas That You Can Employ For Your Trade Show Display

You might be intending to hold a business trade show soon and perhaps, you are wondering what to use so that your trade show stands out from the rest and remains an attention grabbing one. You might choose to buy a new trade show display or just use used trade show display booths and still catch the eyes of passersby as well as those who are invited for the occasion.

Also, in your plan, you might want to factor in things like cost, size, designs and colors. Some venues might have concerns with the size of your display and that is why the following design options might work well for the occasion:

Table Top Display

These have been used for quite a long time and are still effective because they provide the much needed name recognition as well as return on investment for any company. There are newer table top displays which you can take advantage of and bring traffic to your business. Table top displays can bring high impact and at low price. They are made up of a header panel, central panel and additional panels on the sides. Usually, the hooks and loop fabrics are used to cover the table top displays in order to display both images and texts on the back or the front of the panels.

Briefcase Velcrom Display

This works like the table top display only that the display is in a more compact form. It has a built-in carrying case which is used to support the display and it is easy to fold at any time. Small companies find this option a convenient way of holding trade shows because they are versatile and can be used in different kinds of venues. The price might be slightly higher than that of the table top display but it is a worthwhile investment. Messages are displayed quite easily and from one day to another.

Zip and Show Display

This option emphasizes on speed and efficiency in setting up. It fits in a canvas case easily and can be toted through different environments. It is very flexible such that it is considered a perfect option for travelling sales, trade shows and board meetings for presentations. You can work closely with trade advertising companies in order to identify an option that will best suit your needs. All in all, you need to turn the trade show into traffic that will keep your business running. It should help retain your existing clients and lure newer ones.

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