4 Top Drugs Commonly Abused All Over The World

There are various reasons why anyone would end up abusing drugs like peer pressure, unable to cope with troubles or trying to escape the reality of trauma. There has been a concern all over the world because the problem is escalating everyday and most people have awareness about the consequences of abusing drugs. Anyone can get addicted to drugs whether it is teenagers, patients, athletes and even corporate professionals.

Overcoming addiction takes a lot of effort and different programs will be used for different people depending on the abused substances. With a simple online search, you can find an anxiety help video which is one of the tools used to help a recovering addict. Some of the most commonly abused drugs or substances include:

  • Cocaine

This is one of the most commonly abused illegal drugs and is quite popular among rich people. However, the drug is used medically as a pain killer because it greatly impacts on the patient’s energy levels. It is available as a white powder and addicts usually melt and inject, sniff and smoke. Abuse leads to paranoia, increased heart rate and hallucinations; and it is highly addictive which makes it hard to let go.

  • Marijuana

In some countries, it is legal and also has medicinal value that has been especially useful to cancer patients. For cancer patients, it is produced in synthetic THC capsules to relieve side effects that are associated with chemotherapy. Derived from a plant known as cannabis, it is smoked through pipes, bongs or paper. Some addicts even mix into food or tea.

  • Prescription Drugs

This normally happens when someone takes them for non medical purposes like taking them in a different manner than is prescribed or to test the effect they will have. When taken irresponsibly, they are highly addictive and the individual will end up fully dependent and overdosed. Some prescription drugs that are commonly abused are opiods like barbiturates, oxycodone and methylphenidate.

  • LSD

Due to life threatening effects, this drug is illegal and the use is associated with strange experiences like hallucinations. It is common among teenagers because they have the misconception that the drug will take them to a colorful, different and exciting place. Someone under the effect of the drug is dilated pupils, paranoia, confusion and severe changes in behavior patterns. Someone abusing LSD will have serious side effects that range from severe depression and even death.

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