Business Lawyers – Which Do You Need To Start Your Business?

Surprisingly, the average person does not know that much about the law profession. Most of the information garnered about the legal profession is through the media or television. Consequently, many might think of lawyers like the one viewed on criminal law shows. Actually, the law field is wide open. For example, there are personal injury lawyers, malpractice lawyers, family lawyers, and even business lawyers. There are many categories of law and numerous types of lawyers for business. Let’s take a closer look at the type of business lawyers commonly consulted for business matters.

Corporate Lawyer – The corporate lawyer works with large corporations. They are charged with making sure that all transactions are legal and within the law. The corporate lawyer must have a thorough knowledge of statutory law and regulations passed by governmental agencies to help their clients’ in all their legal activities.

Patent Lawyer – An inventor might consult with a patent lawyer to help them file their patent and protect their legal rights under the law. A patent lawyer is trained to carry out the filing and other legal transactions. People also consult with a patent lawyer, if legal questions arise concerning the patent.

Tax Lawyer – A tax attorney works with individuals or a company to help them remedy their tax problems with the local, state, or federal government The tax lawyer should be up to date on all the tax laws and the way that they might affect their clients.

Real Estate Lawyer – A real estate lawyer is consulted to help with the legal transactions involved with buying or purchasing a property. The lawyer reviews the real estate transaction and makes sure that their clients rights are protected.

Life Insurance Lawyer – The life insurance lawyer is charged with handling all legal formalities in filing a life insurance claim and handling subsequent disputes.

Estate Planning Lawyer – Those wishing to prepare a will usually contact an estate planning lawyer for information on preparing the will properly. Those involved with an estate dispute might also contact an estate planning lawyer for information and guidance.

Fraud Lawyer – A fraud lawyer is consulted to handle cases that involved a fraudulent transaction or where the victim was deliberately deceived in order for the other party to gain financial gain.

Employment Lawyer – An employment lawyer handles all sorts of legal problems connected with employers and their employees. Commonly, in any type of labor dispute, an employment lawyer is contacted to address and protect the rights of the employer or employee. Employment lawyers have thorough knowledge on legal issues affecting their client in the state and local rights or obligations. They might represent their client in a dispute over firing or in a minimum wage suit.

Bankruptcy Lawyer – A bankruptcy lawyer represents people who are in the middle of filing a bankruptcy. The lawyer protects the client’s rights and helps them find the best options available to them.

International Trade Lawyer – The international trade lawyer works with a business or individual that deals primarily with international trade on a global scale. They negotiate deals, litagate rights, review agreements. Often, they are consulted to advise their clients on the trade laws in a foreign country. or to prepar legal documents.

This list includes a few of the top types of business lawyers. Of course, some of the lawyers may specialize in one or several areas.

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