Squidoo Moves To Hubpages

Content has always been king on the internet and for almost a decade HubPages and Squidoo have been great avenues where creators have posted their content online. The two have provide platforms that have made it easy for creators to create and share their content and tell stories while linking to destinations that are important to them. The two sites have received billions of visits and play host to contents from more than 5 million creators from all over the world.

The two sites have their strengths and weaknesses and the good news is that Squidoo sold to HubPages recently. This will result in the biggest content site in the world and new opportunities will be opened up by the sale. As a result, the best content on Squidoo is being moved to HubPages. HubPages has always been the industry leader and combining the two platforms can only go to one direction; the creation of a successful platform and an efficient and more effective way to post content online. In a few weeks time, all the traffic flowing to Squidoo will be redirected to the pages on HubPages automatically.

The main reason behind why Squidoo sold to hub pages is the fact that though Squidoo has been there for 9 years, it has not delivered as far as the rules online are concerned. HubPages on the other hand has done a marvelous job in setting up a platform that matches with modern techniques of content exposure and this works well for the team and for the content creatorsThe transfer will be made easy by the many tools that are put in place to see that the move is as smooth as possible. The teams from Squidoo and from HubPages are working around the clock to see that the move is seamless and the end of September or the beginning of October, all the pages on Squidoo will stop being visible as this is when the move is scheduled to be completed. Content creators can start setting up their new HubPages profiles as they wait for the completion of the transition which will not take long. Another important factor to note is that only the high quality and useful content will make it through the move.

For all content creators who will not have deleted their accounts by 29th August 2014, then heir data will be automatically moved to hub Pages sometime in September. The status from Squidoo will not be transferred to HubPages but creators will continue creating great content in their niche area.

For users looking for another avenue for their creative experessions because they don’t want to move to HubPages, there are many sites out there┬áthat provide users with a great home for their content. Whichever way you go, hopefully your transition goes as smoothly as can be expected.

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