Hot Hair Trend: Blowouts For Silky Straight Hair

The challenge of achieving a natural looking bold head of straight hair is not as daunting of a task as some women would believe. One of the latest trends, according to Blow Dry Styles, is to give yourself a blowout at home for straight silky hair. The following steps will help you achieve this look.

The first fundamental step is choosing the best round brush for blowouts. The same brushes work with curly hair. The big brown brush is for blow-drying you hair strait. The small brush is good for the baby hairs, and the medium brush is for blow-drying the bangs straight.

One of the most important elements to getting good straight hair is the right blower. A good quality blower can make a big difference between full volume and damp deflated hair. Many good quality blowers are available in stores or online.

If the heat factor is in question, then you may use a heat protecting spray, which available in the stores and salon.

The next step would be to Section off your hair. This is important to do because it keeps areas isolated and allows you to focus on getting your hair the way you want it. Use a big round brush, those with smaller hair can use a smaller brush. Use three clips, a small one to section the bangs and clip them away and bigger clips to section each side.

Next is the blow drying process itself? Focus on the part closest to the root and work your way down. Keep control of your hair with a brush. It all takes practice. As you move the brush down work rotate the brush slowly to expose all sides of the hairKeep taking 2 inch sections, if you have bigger hair take bigger sections. Take the big round brush and roll the brush again as you go lower. Get close to the hair with the blow drying are. Hold the blow dryer close on the high setting. With your right hand constantly use a roll motion. Feed the hair through the brush, roll all the way down.

Repeat the processes through the other sides. The baby hairs are difficult to get to with big brushes. Use the small brush and use the same process with the baby brush and it will straighten perfectly. The back section should always be brushed back. Grab it fit it on to the brush and blow dry it back. Before moving to you bangs brush you hair back, and without a clip blow dry your hair back to ensure dryness.

Moving to the bangs, take the medium brush begin by blow-drying toward you face. Then try different direction up, out, down. Let your hair sit, rolled on the brush for a minute, and then roll it out again to give it volume.

When blow-drying your bangs make sure you rotate forward with the brush. When you do the back of your hair the concept is the same blow dry up and forward If you try to blow dry.
The final part is to repeat blow drying on the crown as those are the thickest part of the hair. Blow dry up and forward, repeating the process.

Now you are done and have beautiful, straight full volume hair.

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