Induction Cooking Pros and Cons

Induction cooking has been with us for years. Probably you may never have heard of it but don’t stress it. We’ve discussed how induction cooking works before, but briefly it is the process of using magnetic induction to heat cooking vessels. As opposed to thermal induction and electrical cooking, this is more efficient. A cooper wire is used to conduct heat from the magnetic flux and what follows is cooking faster than you can probably imagine. But the real issue here is what are the pros and cons of induction cooking?

The pros of induction cooking

  • Heat efficiency – the vessel is directly over the heat. There are no chances of heat to escape. Arguably, this is one of the most efficient cooking methods you will ever come across in the modern world.
  • Guaranteed safety – here there is no risk of burnt fingers. The stove top remains cool and you can even touch on it without any consequences. You can be sure of your kitchen safety at all times. There are no any unnecessary cautions you have to take. Only the cooking vessel gets all the heat.
  • Easy installation and use – as opposed to what you may be thinking, this is one of the easiest ways to cook. The induction unit is vertically short and will only require a few inches inside the cooking countertop. The cooking area is designed for easy access and those on wheelchair can operate it conveniently. Easy access, installation and use are attributes you will hardly find in other cooking methods.
  • Environmental friendliness – using gas and electricity has by-products. Induction cooking is a clean way. The heat efficiency leaves no room for by-products. Both you and the environment are perfectly safe.

The cons of induction cooking

Premium purchase costs – comparatively, you will have to spend more to get the induction cooking unit. On average, the unit goes for 1,000 dollars. This is way above what you would pay for other cooking alternatives.

Requires specialty cookware – Your current cookware might not be ferro-magnetic, so that is something you’ll want to think about when you consider an induction cooktop – you may have to replace everything! Luckily, there are many sets out there that are indeed compatible, so finding the best induction cookware shouldn’t be too tough. You’ll even be able to find an induction tea kettle if you’re into that sort of thing.

Radiation hazards – well, this is not yet confirmed but there are arguments that induction has some radiation. What is known is that the magnetic fields are localized thus there should be no radiation scare.

Difficult in controlling heat – as much as there is heat efficiency, there is a problem in controlling it. Users cannot fully regulate the production of heat they need at a given time.

Well, there you have it all. Induction cooking is one of the most efficient methods you can look forward to. Though with a few concerns, this method is worthy your try. There is so much coming to you.

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