Diabetes Can Lead to Blindness!

Having too much glucose in the blood for extended periods of time can cause you to have problems along with your diabetes symptoms. High blood glucose levels may damage the blood vessels, eyes, heart and kidneys, which could later lead to a heart attack or stroke. Diabetic Retinopathy & Blindness Damage to the retina happens […]

Who Is A Candidate For Zeltiq CoolSculpting?

Tools in the quest for the perfect body continue to advance. One recent step forward is the FDA-approved Coolsculpting method of fat removal called the┬áZeltiq procedure. Mostly or completely painless, quick, and relatively affordable, fat freezing can in some cases accomplish the same goals that were once addressed with invasive procedures like tummy tucks. But […]

Check Out These Teeth Straightening Options

Many adults like me remember the dreaded day when they were told they were going to have to get braces. Your worst nightmares came true as you imagined yourself trying to navigate the already difficult social landscape of junior high with a mouth full of metal. These days there are many alternatives to traditional metal […]