Squidoo Moves To Hubpages

Content has always been king on the internet and for almost a decade HubPages and Squidoo have been great avenues where creators have posted their content online. The two have provide platforms that have made it easy for creators to create and share their content and tell stories while linking to destinations that are important […]

The Advantage of Local Search Engine Marketing for Local Business

Most businesses are now getting the fact that they need to be on the internt and they need to drive some business through their online marketing efforts. However, the game is different for everyone and one and if a business misses the mark, trying to do what another style of business is doing, they are […]

Garmin Release the First GPS Watch Designed For Outdoor Enthusiasts

The Garmin Fenix is a new GPS watch that has been developed in cooperation with professional mountaineers.  If you like serious outdoor life – and have quite a bit of spare cash (it retails at just under four hundred US Dollars) – then you might be tempted by the Garmin GPS watch as it can […]