Bed Bugs: An American Epidemic

bed bug with mouth parts highlighted with purple dye

bed bug with mouthparts highlighted with purple dye

We’ve all read about them, heard about them, and even been warned about them, and yet nothing could prepare us for the reality of a bed bug invasion. Though it may sound more dramatic than anything else, the truth is that in the last fifteen years, bed bug infestations have tremendously spiked in the United […]

Zombies, Safety, and You

zombie hoard

Zombies have taken to popular media like vampires to teenage girl’s romance novels. It seems like you can’t throw a stone without hitting some kind of zombie related media these days, whether it be a video game, movie, comic book, or even a television show. When it comes to pop culture, zombies have certainly risen […]

Homemade Wine: Tips For Getting It Right

glass and bottle of red wine

If you wish to make wine from juice at home, and get it right each time read the following tips and suggestions: Follow Instructions This may seem basic, but often wine kit instructions seem too long and complicated and there is an urge to simplify them or mix and match instructions from different books or […]

Another Summer of Sequels

The famous Hollywood Sign

  The past few years Hollywood has repeatedly given us the “Summer of the Sequels.” With the success of reboot and sequel movies like The Amazing Spiderman, The Avengers, and The Dark Knight Rises, it’s really not a surprise they’ve done so. Taking into account how much movies cost to make, and what audiences are […]