Induction Cooking Pros and Cons

Induction cooking has been with us for years. Probably you may never have heard of it but don’t stress it. We’ve discussed how induction cooking works before, but briefly it is the process of using magnetic induction to heat cooking vessels. As opposed to thermal induction and electrical cooking, this is more efficient. A cooper wire […]

Meat Temperature When Grilling – Keep Your Family Safe This Summer

Summer is a time of grilling, swimming, and having a good time outside. Whether you like to have a grilled meal on occasion at home or you are getting ready for a big party, there are many foods to choose from. Now that summer is upon us, everyone is going to start bringing out their […]

How Does Induction Cooking Work?

induction cooktop

Over the years, induction cookers have come to be the preferred cooking method in many homes. The various benefits of induction cooking such as reduced dangers of burns, faster cooking and energy efficiency, have appealed to many people. But how exactly does an induction cooker work such that it is so different in function from […]

Homemade Wine: Tips For Getting It Right

glass and bottle of red wine

If you wish to make wine from juice at home, and get it right each time read the following tips and suggestions: Follow Instructions This may seem basic, but often wine kit instructions seem too long and complicated and there is an urge to simplify them or mix and match instructions from different books or […]

Move Over Cupcakes, Cake Pops Are The Cool New Baking Treat

For a while there, cupcakes were quite popular. They still are. It’s because they’re easy to make, and fun to decorate. In that same vane, cake pops are becoming quite popular in their own right. They are also small, and easy to make and fun to decorate. There are a million different ways to make cake […]